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Benefits of Water Front
Waterfront condominiums are a standard in prestigious living. Everyone covets residency by the lakeshore due to various advantages, such as great view and refreshing atmosphere. While being stuck in middle of the city may give you a cramped feeling, having the lake by your side gives you a nice open feeling which allows comfort and relaxation. It is as if your home is a getaway destination when it is located on a waterfront.
Imitators in the Market
Unfortunately, due to popularity and demand of such units, countless number of condominiums have been built along Toronto's lakeshore. This diluted the market and made it difficult for buyers to distinguish a truly luxurious condominium from those that are borderline rental apartments. A waterfront condominium should be top of the line, a place that offers higher quality of living. Waterfront condominiums should offer the necessary service and facilities to distinguish itself from typical condos in order to offer the prestige that we all seek.
The Real Waterfront Condo
This is why even after so many other waterfront condominiums have been built, Palace Pier still stands at the top as one of the most luxurious condominium complexes available in the Toronto region. Located just outside of the downtown core, Palace Pier offers tranquility equal to a suburban home while being just as convenient as a downtown condominium. Whether it's Gardiner Express Way or Lakeshore Blvd., you're only minutes away from the heart of the city.
Beauty of Options
As a high end luxury condominium, Palace Pier offers extra services such as daily shuttles to popular spots like Union Station or shopping malls. With Palace Pier, you have a choice on virtually anything. You can choose to drive out for dinner or simply take the shuttle. If both options are not attractive to you, you can even dine within Palace Pier's licensed in house restaurant which has been praised by both Palace Pier residents and visitors.
Siege the Condominium of Your Dreams
Your lifestyle should match your needs and wants. Palace Pier has the capacity to satisfy all aspects of your life. Palace Pier is a unique community which offers comfort, luxury and convenience without any compromise. To purchase a property within Palace Pier you should consider visiting Irene Goodman is a realtor who deals with Palace Pier exclusively. By specializing in a single condominium, Irene Goodman is able to offer insider services where you will receive earliest notice and access to properties which become available at Palace Pier. To get in touch with Irene Goodman, please visit or call 416-236-1005 to book an appointment.

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